Success Story

No one gets to a destination without a plan or without passing the hurdles they are meant to go through. I have been a very firm believer in God’s plans and I know that whatever He is planning is the only plan that needs to be followed to live a happy and contented life. There were a lot of hurdles that I had to undergo which got me where I am today. Starting my career in 1982 I came up with a business concept of biscuits. I started my first company of biscuits by the name of Tastemaker Limited. It was then when I started learning how to bake. We know the company now as Innovative Biscuits. PackTech limited came into existence in 2002. It came into being as a need for packaging. The business started with 3 partners who’ve been with me through thick and thin.
I have started another business by the name of Synergy Paper & Board that came into existence in 2013 by the name Zaman Papers. I have also established another company by the name of Synergy Films whose plant has been purchased in 2012 from Belgium from BFAN Company. It has been a lot of work but we have gone through all of the processes and we will be launching it very soon.
My mission has always been to help as many people through my business as possible. God has blessed me with a lot and I cannot be thankful enough for His greatness. I wish to keep helping people as much as possible in order to satisfy myself.
All I want from my employees now is that they keep working hard and keep moving forward. No matter how many mistakes we make we must keep moving forward.

As Allama Iqbal says, “From your past emerges the present, and from the present is born your future.”