Printing & Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Let’s have a brief introduction to the services we offer. Currently, we cater; Bags Barrier Films, Blister Foils Flow-wrapping, Lidding film Sachets (including Shaped Sachets & twin sachets) Stand-up Pouches or Doypacks, Snap Packs Up To Eight Colours.


PackTech specializes in printing and prints films and laminates vertical & horizontal. A variety of materials are used for the printing for example fill & seal bags and whatever is demanded. Often flexible films or laminations are used for packing which allows the bag to fill a lot of products which is greater than a usually sized sachet. Typically bags are filled with dry products such as granules, powders or solid items.

Flow Wrap

Along with another packaging, PackTech produces a wide range of food packaging that includes Flow wraps, Food Wraps, and confectionary Wraps. PackTech printed films are an optimum solution for the growing market of snacks, energy bars, and on-the-go products. Our purpose built site follows HAACP and is BRC IOP (CAT 1) approved high-risk product accreditation, which allows us to supply a wide range of food of manufacturers.



Our printing expertise allows us to find solutions for difficult products – we specialize in the handling of complicated designs and multi-layered constructions which is certainly not possible for other printers. The examples of packaging of sachets include:

Liquids Creams, Gels, Pastes, Solid Items, Impregnated Wipes, Non-free flow powders, Granules in sachets and Applicators in sachets and much more.

Lidding Films

PackTech supplies a variety of lidding applications for food, health, and beauty. We supply lidding films in single web and lamination structure that can be sealed to PP, PS, APET and CPET trays. Our lidding films can be used with pre-formed tray applications to meet the exact repeat length requirements of most packaging machines such as Proseal machinery or Multivac. PackTech offers a range of laminated top web films for both barrier and non-barrier applications, for rigid based. A variety of fully peelable top webs is available for most applications. Films can be specialized for anti-fog, easy peel or lock down characteristics. Useful for Cheese, dairy, jams, meat, pasta, Mini portion packs, ready meals, sauces, yogurt, cosmetics and veterinary products.